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Uncovering the root of illness

Uncover the root cause of illness

As a Naturopath and Bioresonance practitioner we will work together to uncover the drivers of your symptoms, i.e. identify the root cause(s). A proper evaluation can make all the difference.

I perform a thorough clinical investigation into your health using naturopathic tools, laboratory testing and advanced bioenergetic technology. You will discover testing specific energetic patterns helps eliminate guesswork. What’s more it paves the way for helping the most stubborn health challenges.

Uncover the underlying root causes

No more guessing 

Let’s uncover the underlying root causes.

Most illnesses these days are complex as our bodies can only cope with so much. Poor nutrition, inflammation, an ageing immune system, genetics, and oxidative stress play a major role in ongoing health issues.

These factors can give rise to conditions such as headaches, stomach pain and recurring cystitis. You may also experience stubborn health symptoms associated with autoimmune illness, cardiovascular troubles, poor digestion, hormonal imbalances, even unusual warning signs associated with persistent pathogens.

Advanced bioenergetic technology helps uncover the biggest blocks impacting your health.

Become the healthiest version of yourself

Holistic treatment to become the healthiest version of yourself

Once you identify the biggest, and often hidden, stressors sabotaging your health it’s far easier to create an effective course of action. This paves the way to a remarkable health transformation.

As a Naturopath and Bioresonance practitioner I provide insights into how stress, pathogenic influences, toxic load, mould exposure, hormone imbalances life trauma and a range of other environmental stress factors can directly impact your health.

I will work with you to help with such stresses and help you achieve optimal health once more.

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Naturopathy Services


Naturopathic services tailored to meet your individual needs

Are you ready to feel your best and achieve a whole new level of health? Both in-person and online consultations are available.

Mentoring Services


Mentoring programs for qualified health professionals

Do you have clients presenting with complex health problems? Get support from a Naturopath with 26 years in clinic practice.

Photo of Jenny Blondel - Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, Bioresonance practitioner and mentor

meet the naturopath

Hi, I’m Jenny Blondel

I’m a qualified Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, Bioresonance practitioner and mentor. I’m also Fellow member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

I’ve been in private clinical practice for more than 27 years, skillfully blending my extensive background in Naturopathic medicine with the latest bioenergetic technology to offer a comprehensive and effective healing approach.

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