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Seed Cycling for hormone balance

Seed cycling is a treatment to normalise menstrual cycles that I have used clinically with astounding success. This is utilised by naturopaths to help restore consistency to irregular menstrual cycles, where no obvious organic cause has been elicited, or appears absent. During the different phases in your cycle, you eat different seeds. Each seed has […]

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Flu vaccine alternatives

Natural alternatives to the 2017 flu vaccine Almost every year the influenza vaccination changes, as the virus itself mutates, and this year’s vaccine is no different.  This season’s flu vaccine has presented with numerous issues (which may encourage you to look for flu vaccine alternatives!). Read below if you missed my Facebook posts this week: […]

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My top 10 Immune Boosting Tips

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it is that time of year to boost our immune system and be prepared for those winter colds, flu and other nasty bugs. Even in you live in warmer climes, here is some helpful immune boosting information to keep you fighting fit! I have listed below my […]

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