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Recovery from Lyme Disease and Co-infections

Lyme disease is a common (and sometimes inaccurate) name for infection by Borrelia bacteria and a small number of “co-infections”. Borreliosis (as it is more correctly called) has been recognised and treated in Europe since around 1905. It was “discovered” in USA in 1975 around the town of Lyme, Connecticut (hence its name). Since then, […]

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Is Acidosis Causing my Tiredness and Poor Concentration?

Are you feeling tired all the time?  Experiencing poor concentration?  Memory loss? Headaches?  Confusion? Have you been tested for acidosis? A number of culprits may be to blame for persistent tiredness and poor concentration including an underactive thyroid gland, low iron levels, poor adrenal reserve (from long-term stress), pathogenic load (viruses, bacteria, parasites, candida overgrowth, […]

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Managing Migraines Effectively

Migraines affect around 20 percent of the population and women are most vulnerable  – the good news is that is is possible to manage migraines effectively with natural medicine and to reduce attack frequency and severity. Migraine or Headache? Symptoms of a Migraine All the symptoms below are associated with the instability, dilation, and constriction […]

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