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Managing Migraines Effectively

Migraines affect around 20 percent of the population and women are most vulnerable  – the good news is that is is possible to manage migraines effectively with natural medicine and to reduce attack frequency and severity. Migraine or Headache? Symptoms of a Migraine All the symptoms below are associated with the instability, dilation, and constriction […]

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Evidence for Bioresonance Therapy on Human Health

Having just returned from the 57th International Bicom® Bioresonance Congress in Fulda, Germany this past week, I wanted to share with you a little about the increasing evidence for Bioresonance therapy and what this means for my patients. As a result of my time at congress, I have learnt even more remarkable testing methods to […]

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Healthy Chocolate Treats this Easter

Happy Easter with Healthy Chocolate Treats! Struggling with weight gain, hormone imbalances, sugar cravings and digestive problems can be hard at the best of times, particularly during Easter when you are surrounded by chocolate.  For some of you, it probably feels that by just looking at chocolate causes weight gain!  So how about some healthy […]

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