About Jenny Blondel

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, HomOeopath and Bioresonance Practitioner

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About Jenny Blondel

Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homeopath and Bioresonance Practitioner

True health is not achieved easily in on single moment of time.

Rather it is achieved over time.

It’s true, there’s a lot of confusing and overwhelming information on how to get well. But there is good news.

I am passionate about helping people achieve full and lasting health. I am a qualified Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, and Bioresonance practitioner. My expertise combines the best of cutting-edge science and the most respected healing traditions.

It all adds up to helping YOU get your health back on track.

An Integrated Approach To Healing

In my clinical practice I focus on using naturopathic tools, laboratory testing and the most advanced bioenergetic technology to test specific energetic patterns. This type of testing makes an enormous difference to understanding your current health status.

Comprehensive testing helps uncover the real reasons why you continue to struggle with symptoms of sub-optimal health. From there I am able to offer focused treatment solutions to balance and restore your health.

My natural healing approach is ideal if you are suffering with acute or chronic health challenges.

Are you ready… to feel your best and reclaim your health and vitality?

Your wellbeing is everything and it is becoming even more important. And I’m here to help and support you.

What people are saying

For 7 years I had an excruciating gluten sensitivity, and after 2 treatments with Jenny I no longer have ANY symptoms of gluten intolerance since when consuming it. Needless to say, my entire culinary life has expanded exponentially.

Mrs J - Buderim

Naturopathy Services

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Your first clinic assessment will take two hours and includes comprehensive bioenergetic testing. Assessment can be done in-person or online.

I can help you optimise your health, or take important steps to manage a diagnosed health disorder.

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What people are saying

I initially went to see Jenny for an overall health / wellness check, plus advice after some not-quite normal blood test results were pointing towards thyroid issues. Jenny was great with advice on the right drops / tablets to take, diet changes and asking for more specific blood test results to really work out what was going on. Follow up blood tests showed that the thyroid issue has been resolved! She’s always willing to explain things in an easy to understand way and gives really useful lifestyle change suggestions. Despite moving across the other side of the world, she’s still available and willing to answer follow up questions.
Kate - Townsville, QLD, Australia

I started seeing Jenny after being quite seriously ill last year. She devised a supplement and herbal plan for me to assist with my recovery which helped enormously. I have continued to see Jenny on a regular basis since and she has helped with my general well-being as well as advising me in the build up to undergoing IVF treatment. I followed Jenny’s advice and her treatment plan (including having bioenergetic therapy) for a number of months before starting IVF and am now almost 4 months pregnant!

S - Ilkley, Yorkshire, UK

I am very grateful for the prescriptions and guidance I have received from Jenny Blondel. I have benefited from her advice for over 20 years. She is the best Naturopath I have ever met.
Anita B - Sydney, Australia

Professional Mentoring

I provide education and training for health professionals who are interested in learning more about naturopathic and bioenergetic medicine. The goal of professional mentoring is to foster growth and recognition of these remarkable healing techniques.

Books I Have Written

Find out more about one, or more of my natural healing books.

Making Babies. The Holistic IVF Diet Guide
The ‘Making Babies’ The Holistic IVF Diet Guide provides expert naturopathic advice and information on how you can improve your chances of IVF success and to have a healthy baby.

The IVF Diet Cookbook

The Natural PCOS Diet
Discover how you can overcome and conquer your PCOS naturally with the right guidance.

The Natural PCOS Diet Cookbook

More about Jenny

Professional Memberships

I’m a qualified Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, and Bioresonance practitioner.

I am a Fellow member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS).

Fellow of ATMS

Keynote Presenter at Prestigious International Events

I’m an internationally recognised keynote speaker on bioregulatory therapy. I have delivered lectures in both the UK and Germany.

My past presentations include the International Naturopathic Congress in London in July 2018, and the International Bioregulatory Congress held in Germany in April 2018. In May 2020 I presented to the International Bioregulatory Congress that was held online for the first time. I will also be presenting at the 2021 International congress.

On a Personal Level

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. After my schooling I went on to complete my Naturopathic studies. Since graduating in 1995 as a Naturopath I have been in private clinical practice. I have also worked for prominent nutritional companies such as MediHerb and Blackmores.

During my career I have been a regular lecturer at Nature Care College, Sydney. This is a leading college in the field of natural therapies and complementary health education. Here I taught anatomy and physiology, clinical nutrition, and herbal medicine subjects.

Not long after marrying my husband Greg we relocated to his hometown of Ilkley in West Yorkshire, UK. In this picturesque village located on the southern edge of the Yorkshire Dales I ran a thriving clinical practice. These days we live on Australia’s Sunshine Coast with our two children who love the coastal life.

In my spare time I ‘practice what I preach’! I enjoy preparing healthy and delicious meals using my Thermomix. We also regularly go on family hikes to immerse ourselves in our beautiful natural environment. I also enjoy Zumba, reading, and catching up with my wonderful friends.

Photo of Jenny Blondel - Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist, Homoeopath, Bioresonance practitioner and mentor

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