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Lifting Low Libido

Up to 70 percent of women experience low libido at some point, especially during the perimenopause and menopause years.  Of course it isn’t just women who suffer, men can also experience low libido due to many factors, particularly due to declining testosterone....

Healthy Chocolate Treats this Easter

Happy Easter with Healthy Chocolate Treats! Struggling with weight gain, hormone imbalances, sugar cravings and digestive problems can be hard at the best of times, particularly during Easter when you are surrounded by chocolate.  For some of you, it probably feels...

T3 for Thyroid Balance

Have you been told your thyroid is “normal” despite having a long list of symptoms? Are you taking thyroid medication yet still feel tired, carry extra weight, experience anxiety and other underactive thyroid gland symptoms? Keep reading and discover the importance of...

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