Have you found yourself suddenly amidst the perimenopause years enduring hormone havoc and wondering why you are more anxious, moody, depressed and can’t seem to cope juggling family and work life when previously you could?

In addition to this ‘hormone cocktail’, are you also tired, irritable, gaining weight, experiencing the occasional hot flush, joint stiffness, vaginal dryness and even losing your ‘mojo’?

Another sign of perimenopause 'hormone havoc' - unwanted facial hair!And do you wonder why is it that when we age, the hair on our heads gets thinner and thinner, yet we can cultivate enough tresses on our upper lips and chins for a small wig? This is either the paradox of perimenopause or proof that God has a sense of humour! If you’re embarrassed by those unwanted intruders on your face or suffer from hair loss, and are nodding your head in agreement with all these other perimenopausal symptoms, then rest assured, I have several easy solutions to share, to help put you back on an even keel!

Adrenal Stress and Hormone Havoc

Consider your hormones as being like text messages from your brain, thyroid, ovaries,  pancreas or adrenal glands that travel via your bloodstream to every cell in your body, providing instructions on what to do next: how and what to think; move; digest; react; remember; excrete; literally everything!  And because these hormones like to stay in balance if you experience continual stress, there is only so much your adrenal glands can put up with.  Simply put, the more ‘adrenally’ challenged a woman is, the more ‘hormonally’ challenged she will be!

Synthetic hormones are not always the answer

What’s more, the intensity of these changes can cause women to seek a quick solution. Often younger perimenopausal women are put on the oral contraceptive pill or coil, and older women may be offered hormone replacement therapy. These medications can stop (some of) the symptoms, but there are a range of risk factors that need to be considered. Another factor to consider is what happens when you eventually come off hormone supplementation. The sudden withdrawal of hormones can put you right back where you started.

Offering an Effective Holistic Approach to Perimenopause

Good news – I formulate custom natural hormone balancing creams alongside naturopathic medicine to help you feel sane during this time of ‘transition’!

Examples may include:

  • Hormone balancing and menopause programmes using the marvels of frequency and quantum physics technology
  • A bespoke hormone balancing cream  – I am able to make your very own personalised natural hormone balancing cream specific for YOUR hormone needs!
  • Clean healthy eating and avoiding known food intolerances. Protein with every meal to stabilise blood sugars. Minimal caffeine and alcohol intake. Lots of water
  • Adequate rest and sleep
  • De-stress strategies: meditation, yoga, walking, exercise, aromatherapy massage etc
  • Nutritional supplements such as magnesium, calcium, vitamin B’s, C and E
  • Hormone balancing herbs such as black cohosh, wild yam, dong quai, chaste tree, sage, shatavari etc
  • Mood support including St John’s Wort, GABA, 5HPT, counselling, Heartmath solution etc

It’s not just menopause or even perimenopause you have to watch out for – stress hormones can seriously mess with your sex life.

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