roadmap to health

It’s been a while between blogs but I’m now back up and running on the other side of the world in Peregian Springs,  Sunshine coast of Australia  I thought I’d take the opportunity to remind you how I help patients recover from ill health and regain optimal health. 

As with any important journey,  an effective roadmap is critical.  This includes the success of overcoming ill-health. 

Where do we begin?

1. Realisation

The first step is acknowledging you can’t go ‘it alone’.  This can hit home when you realise you’re not getting any better as a result of whatever you may be  currently taking or doing  

2.  Taking Action

If the above rings true, book an appointment. If you’re a new patient, you’ll need to complete the new patient form.   This is intentionally detailed It’s important I have an understanding of background information such as your main reasons for making the appointment. It’ll also give me vital information such as:

  • how long have you been unwell
  • if there was a trauma at the time of the symptoms starting
  • a list of any current medication and supplements
  • past medical history
  • family medical history
  • your current diet
  • lifestyle practices
  • sleep hygiene
  • if you live near a mobile phone tower
  • dental history
  • a plotted history of scars acquired
  • menstrual history
  • the list goes on but there are so many considerations we ordinarily don’t factor in so it’s really helpful to me before meeting new clients. 

3. Identifying your ‘barrel of stress’

barrel of stress

During your first consultation I thoroughly test and identify what the key drivers are to the symptoms you’re experiencing.  It’s common for there to be more than one driver.  These vary from emotional trauma, spinal misalignment, radiation/geopathic/EMF stress, scar blockages, nutrient deficiencies, hormones and/or neurotransmitter imbalances, SNIPs that have been expressed, a leaky gut, food intolerances, parasites, moulds, bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, vaccine stress and more.

It’s also important to target specific areas of your body that are struggling (e.g. gut, hormones, brain neurotransmitter, spine etc) and holding back your health.

I then identify the main stressors, the priority stresses, what could be ‘blocking’ your ability to heal – in order to create an effective roadmap for your healing journey.

4. Treatment: What’s Involved

I begin by addressing any ‘blocks’ (including emotional blocks and traumas) before targeting pathogenic stressors (parasites, moulds, bacteria, viruses), heavy metals, allergens and other environmental toxins using dietary and lifestyle recommendations, alongside naturopathic medicine such as nutritional supplements and herbal medicine.

Completely Bespoke

Your personal ‘roadmap to health’ is completely bespoke and designed for you to understand how to navigate the trip and what to expect along the way. It will also help you to identify and understand some of the detours, challenges, and important mileposts on the road to health and wellness.

Wouldn’t it be nice to remember what it feels like to be healthy again?

Move forward with restored health and wellness. The body was made to work well.

Book your appointment today and begin your roadmap to health!