Most couples who seek fertility treatment such as IVF find out a great deal about sophisticated medical technologies but very little about the relatively simple measures they can take to improve their chances of conceiving.  These highly effective self-help strategies in many instances include easily implemented dietary and lifestyle changes.  Such measures cost little or nothing, their success has been well documented, and yet many couples will not have been told about them.  The good news is this post ‘Self-help for IVF Success’ give you ideas about effective strategies to maximise your chances of conception and IVF success.

Making Babies – The Holistic IVF Diet Guide was written in response to hundreds of my fertility patients suggesting I put in writing my recommendations which helped them to conceive and deliver a healthy baby.  This book contains a combination of my professional knowledge and experience as well as sharing my own fertility journey to have my two IVF-conceived boys.

Below are some snippets of recommendations found in the IVF Diet program:

The IVF Diet Cookbook by Jenny BlondelSelf-help for IVF: Diet

  • Avoid caffeine in all its forms
  • Include adequate protein with every meal including snacks
  • Go gluten-free
  • Increase your intake of essential fatty acids from oily fish, healthy oils and avocado
  • Choose organic where you can
  • Avoid refined sugars, additives and preservatives.

Self-help for IVF success: Lifestyle

  • Stop smoking and avoid recreational drugs
  • Go to bed earlier and ensure you sleep 8 hours
  • Sleep in an ‘electronic-free bedroom’ – no mobile phones, tablets, televisions
  • Exercise at least 3 times per week.

Making Babies with Jenny BlondelSelf-help for IVF Supplements

  • Take a high strength prenatal multivitamin and mineral supplement
  • Consider MTHFR testing for folate metabolism
  • Take antioxidants to protect egg and sperm health

More specific supplements to optimise you and your partner’s fertility is found in Making Babies – The Holistic IVF Diet Guide .

Guided Meditation for IVF Success By Jenny BlondelSelf-help for IVF: Support

  • Meditate daily with the ‘Guided Meditation for IVF Success’
  • Consider counselling – don’t go it alone
  • Take flower essences and other natural (safe) remedies to support your adrenals and stress response (details are found in the main book)
  • Organise nice events such as going out for a meal, seeing a movie – anything to distract any negative thoughts.

Take charge today and increase chance of success, you have got nothing to lose, and a potential baby to gain!

Grab your copies today and learn how best to improve egg quality, sperm health and to maximise your chances of IVF success.